The Modular Touch Lights for walls is simply Amazing

Modular Touch Lights for Walls

Modular Touch lights are super unique, add beauty to your homes and walls. They are different from the traditional old static wall lamps or light fixtures and they provide lot of fun to your guests and children. They are available in hexagonal patterns of magnetic edges and one of the hexagon is connected to the power outlet.

Each hexagonal tough light is 115mm or 4.52 mm wide and you can disassemble and reassemble in any patterns you like. When it is touched the light glows and when touched again the light is switched off, thus by touching you can toggle ON and OFF thus you can draw any patterns you like.

Each hexagonal tile has touch sensor and they are eco friendly, consumes much less power. You can hang the tiles by using holes at the bottom or with the sticky pads supplied with the order.

Modular Touch Lights


You can arrange the patterns in any form you like and the package can be ordered for 5 pieces or 10 pieces and the pricing varies accordingly. If you are looking for super smart lighting for your walls, this is a very good product.

Each tile can be turned ON or OFF separately and you can brighten or dim your light for the room as you like.

Check this link for the other details of the product and details of discounts and best offers.

Modular Touch Lights


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