PVC Vinyl Flooring

PVC vinyl flooring for office

PVC Vinyl Flooring in Chennai

We are providing PV vinyl flooring in chennai for residencial and commercial areas. PVC vinyl flooring is waterproof flooring sheet used for residencial and commercial purposes for good ground finishes. It gives good appearance and wooden textured flooring is a good alternate for engineered wood and natural wood which are costlier and non waterproof.

The floor must me smooth and free from bumps inorder to get good flat finish. It requires less maintenance than other conventional types of flooring. It can be easily replaced by new designs if required.

There are many syles and textures of vinyl flooring available with us, and the pricing varies depending on the brands and the thickness. Standard thicknesses are 0.65mm, 1mm and 1.3mm.

PVC Vinyl Flooring Designs

Vinyl flooring is available in different colors and textures of three standard thicknesses 0.65mm, 1mm amd 1.3mm

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