Frosted Film

Frosted Glass Film in Chennai – For Residences/Commercial

Frosted film is a thin translucent material applied on plain(non textured ) glasses. They are designed to provide privacy to the interiors during the day time and night time. They can be used for glass doors, windows, bathrooms, balconies and kitchen glasses. For offices, the frosted film can be used as privacy glass film for cabin doors, server rooms to avoid visibility to the machines and meeting rooms, etc

The frosted films/privacy glass films can be used in almost any residential or commercial buildings that require privacy and enhanced security from unwanted visibility from outside. The sun control films provide privacy to the interiors only during the day time. But frosted film gives privacy during daytime as well as night time. The film blurs the objects and people inside the hall and allow partial light to pass through, while preventing the heat from the sunlight upto 85%.

The frosted films can also be used as stylish alternative to nets and curtains. They allow 90% of the light to pass through the windows or doors, thus maintain the brightness inside the house.

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The following images depict the vision of an object within the frosted glass window or doors and the percentage of blurring with distance.

Residential Designed Frosted Glass Films

Printed Frosted Glass Film Gallery

We are providing privacy decorative glass film services for various apartments and offices all over chennai. They have high durability of more than 5 years. They are heat proof and waterproof. Residential privacy tinting we mostly use full frosted like floral patterns. For commercial we use semi frosted films like line patterns, squares and other geometrical designs.

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