Commercial Branding Services In Chennai

We are providing various types of Signage/Branding services to commercial buildings and new offices throughout Chennai, ranging from flex boards to LED backlit Acrylic boards. Glass printing or branding is done to enhance the visual representation of your store or office.

glass film printing-branding in chennai
Glass Film Printing/Branding

Indoor Glass Branding

New: Thermal Laser Etching on Glass Film – 3M – Indoor

Enhance the way you present your store

glass etched film in chennai

Match your interior colours

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Frosted Glass Film Printing

The shiny matte frosted glass film can be printed with the required graphics, logos or texts for your branding and applied on indoor glasses so that it will give appealing look as well as branding for your office or store. The printing is done from eco friendly inks and the resolution is 10x of the regular flex printing.

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For printed frosted film, the visitor can only see the printed content and he/she cannot see the other side of the glasses. 

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Outdoor Frosted Film Printing

You can do frosted film printing for glasses outdoor to advertise your store, clinic, showroom, office or kids school. These films attract and pull customers towards your commercial space when they directly see their required service branding on the prominent glasses they see. 

outdoor frosted film printing in chennai

Indoor Frosted Film Printing

Glass Film printing in your office interior gives you privacy as well as branding for your enterprise.

Printing glass film in chennai
Before and After Frosted Film Printing
glass film printing in chennai
Printed Frosted Film for Office

Wallpaper and Glass Film Printing Combination

Very cool wallpaper and glass film customisation gives your office or cafeteria unique look and feel that any of your employees or clients exclaim at any time. For wallpaper you can give your own designs or you can choose vector images from freepik. 

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Printed wallpaper and glass film in chennai

Transparent Vinyl Film Printing

The vinyl printing process is same as the frosted film printing, but the only difference is when the transparent vinyl films are applied, the visitor can see the other side of the glass along with printed content.

transparent glass printing in chennai

Transparent Vinyl Film Printing for Office Glasses

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Indoor Wall Branding

Foam Board + Vinyl + Matte Lamination

Foam Board or foam core is a paper based light weight material used for indoor applications. It is used for mounting the printed vinyl material for advertising purposes. We provide branding services on Foam board that gives good visual identity to the clients as well as the employees. It gives inspiration to the employees and confidence to your clients in your products and services.

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The vinyl material is printed and laminated with matte film in order to give matte finish, and these matte finished printed films are anti-glare and dust free.


Digital Printing Wall Mounted in Chennai
Large Formatted Digital Printing on Foam Board

foam board branding

Foam Boards are available in different thicknesses, and the boards we commonly use are 3mm and 5mm. You can mount the boards on walls using double sided adhesive tape or SR adhesive solution.

Branding services in chennai

vinyl eco solvent branding in chennai

eco solvent printing with matte lamination

Branding is done on walls as well as on glasses. On indoor glasses we use frosted glass films printed with high resolution Eco solvent printing to get vision of the printed graphics on both sides of the glasses.

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1. What the maintenance required for printed glass films ?

               You can clean the glass films with a soft cloth with little water. Acidic cleaning agents should not be used

2. What is the price of glass film printing ?

               Transparent vinyl film printing costs Rs.160/sq.ft and Frosted Film Printing costs Rs. 200/sq.ft.

3. What kind of image format required for printing glass films ?

               You can give your image in coreldraw format or also any high resolution image format and we will convert to coreldraw format for printing. We can also design the full image based on your requirement. 

4. Will the printed glass films give sun protection in exposed areas ?

                Yes. Like the other ready made frosted films, the printed frosted film gives sun protection and UV protection to the shops or homes. But the transparent vinyl films will not give sun protection.

5. Can I use Printed Frosted Film for sliding doors for residential indoor applications ?

                Yes. It gives luxurious look to your home interiors. You can print nature, flowers, people, animals or birds and fix on the sliding doors to give privacy protection as well as decoration.

6. Any tips on Indoor and Outdoor Branding ?

                For outdoor branding, you can print your brand name and tagline with one or two images with attracting colours. That is sufficient to pull customers inside your store or office. For indoor branding you can print detailed images or lines showing your product or services. You can add as much based on your interior glass spacing. If you have lots of glass partitions, you can do printed frosted films rather than normal plain or designed frosted films on glasses for privacy or manifestation.

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