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We are providing wide variety of room decorative wallpapers in different colors and textures. We are one of the best wallpaper dealers in Chennai with lots of new premium Indian, Imported and Customized designs, 3d wallpaper for wall, kids room wallpapers and bedroom wallpaper designs. You can choose the right one based on your matching preferences. Wallpaper for walls arrive in long rolls and the rolls of similar design patterns are pasted next to one another to create a seamless design pattern. We are providing wide range of designs, textures, Woven, Non-Woven and Waterproof Wallpapers in Chennai and other cities.

customized wallpapers in chennai
Customized Luxury Wallpaper for TV Hall

Most people are preferring wallpapers instead of wall paintings in halls or bedrooms. Separate designs of customized 3D wallpapers can be chosen for bedrooms, hall and balconies that add glamorous style to our home. They are available in matte finishes and reduces glare when light falls on the wall.

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Customized wallpaper in Chennai

customized printed wallpaper designs

Customized Luxury Wallpaper

customized and imported wallpapers in chennai
Customized and Imported wallpapers in TV Hall

Some brick designed wallpapers give vintage looks to your classic rooms. These type of designs can convert a separate room such as bedroom to antique style providing complete different look from other rooms. You can choose the wallpaper design matching with the appropriate flooring design. We import from some international wallpaper manufacturers and they provide 3d embossed woven type wallpapers in chennai which are waterproof and highly durable.

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wallpapers in chennai

3D wallpapers are embossed patterns that give 3 dimensional touch. For example, brick wallpapers have embossed brick structure and floral wallpapers have embossed flowers and leaves. 

Kids Room Wallpaper

These are wallpaper designs specifically made for kids. They contain mostly cartoons, toys and sports goods. You can also make your kids room more attractive and appealing to your kids by adding custom designs (eg. texts that your kids like-rhymes or songs) which we can custom print for you depending on your wall size.

Kids wallpaper design
Kids Room Wallpaper

kids room wallpaper in chennai

The kids room wallpapers decorate your children bedroom and provide attraction in day time as well as night time.

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Customized Wallpaper

These are premium wallpapers for your walls which can be custom printed the image you select. These are different from ready made designs. Mostly this can be used for commercial purposes for branding and also for some residential homes. These custom wallpapers are very unique as you only have a specific design on your wall.

3d bedroom wallpaper in chennai

The images for custom printing should be of high resolution to get wallpapers with sharp edge printing.

Customized Wallpaper Designs in Chennai – Models


Imported Wallpapers

Bedroom Wallpaper for wall in Chennai
Code No : 855437


Brick and Stone wallpaper for Living Room
Code No : 855492


Floral Wallpapers in Chennai
Code No : FO603-2

Wall Murals

Sometimes you need to customise the design for your walls such as nature, beach, mountain or any other scenery, or any favourite places you visited on your wall. We are dealers for wall murals with different ready made designs. Wall murals are printed designs and look like posters and you can fix them layer by layer and cover entire wall with the image. They are available in standard sizes and you can choose the design that best fit to your walls. This is similar to wall painting but this is more accurate because we are printing high resolution images.

nature and scenery wallpaper for wall in chennai


1. What are wallpapers in general ?

Ans : Wallpaper is a paper based or fabric based material used to decorate the interior walls of Residence and Commercial buildings instead of paints.

2. What are the varieties do you have?

Ans : We have a huge variety of wallpapers with different colors and patterns ranging from elegant classical motifs to peppy contemporary patterns. Wallpapers also come in many different finishes like vinyl, fabric, foil printed, 3D embossed textures, suede, and more

3. What is the durability of Wallpapers?

Ans : Wallpaper will be your long term partner. Experts maintain that a one-time application on Indian walls will last for around 15 years.

4. Will it be cost effective?

Ans : Yes. Wallpaper lasts much longer, it works out to be more cost-effective in the longer run

5. Does it give aesthetics look to background matching the interiors?

Ans : Wallpapers can be used in effective ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your rooms. Use textured or flashy patterned wallpapers to create stunning backdrops for your furniture. Unleash your creativity and bring your individual style to every room.

6. Is customization option on designs available on wallpapers?

Ans : Yes! We can print any high resolution image on wallpaper. Nothing makes a home your own like doing custom or design wallpaper that really speak to you, allowing greater personalisation. It will give you a own theme to your room or your working space.

7. Are these wallpapers waterproof?

Ans : Some wallpaper materials are Waterproof and some are not.

8. Are they washable ?

Ans : Yes!  All imported materials are washable.

9. Can wallpapers be applied on walls with water leakage?

Ans : No! that’s applicable for only smoother and inner ( Interior ) walls . Not applicable for uneven and water leak areas.

10. Are these materials Eco-Friendly?

Ans : Yes! These are Eco Friendly and extremely easy to maintain. Toxic fumes arise from some paints can have harmful affects. Eco friendly wallpapers are anti-fungal and therefore can easily stand for the unpredictable monsoon months.

11. Can branding be done with the wallpapers ?

Ans: Yes. We do customized printing with high resolution images from clients. The images can be commercial logos, themes or advertisements and the printed wallpapers can be applied on the walls of office receptions, institutes or showrooms just like the other types of wallpapers, so as to provide good branding for your institutes, office or showrooms.

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