Films for Glass Doors and Windows – Frosted film and Sun control film

Most of the multi-storey buildings are exposed to direct sunlight during daytime and they need heat control in an efficient way. For this purpose, frosted film and sun control film are applied on the glass windows and sliding glass doors to control excess heat coming inside the hall and bedrooms.

We have done glass privacy films and sun control films for many commercial buildings and very wide range of residential apartments throughout Chennai.

Some homes also need fully blocking out the UV rays and blockout films are used for that purpose. Blockout films are completely black and prevents all the sunlight and heat coming inside. They are mostly used in hospitals and beauty parlors. They are the best heat rejection films if you don’t want to see through the glasses.

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Sun Control Film before and after application

sun control film dealers in chennai

They also need privacy as they are built with glass partitions and windows. For reducing heat from the sunlight we use reflective or refractive sun control film and also frosted or etched glass film. For privacy we use frosted films which are available in different colors and textures.

We have luxurious collections of frosted films of brand name CASA.

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Glass Stickers Chennai- elegant decorative glass films

Advantages of Sun Control Film

Blocks UV

The UV resistance is 99%. The ultra violet rays are harmful and increases heat and cause fading of curtains and furniture coatings.

Reduces Heat

These films reduce substantial heat from entering through glass doors and windows. You can feel immediate drop in temperature after applying. Even in hot summer you can feel chillness inside your home.

Crystal clear view

We have fine quality of sun control films that provide crystal clear views and free from abrasion, peeling or any bubbles.

Eliminate curtains

Eliminate heavy and space occupying curtains by using thin sun control films.

Sun control film in tambaram
Sun Control Film

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Advantages of Glass Frosted Film


The frosted film on glass windows provide privacy to your home


The designed frosted films provide elegant look to your glass windows rather than plain glasses

UV Protection

They provide UV protection upto 85%

Reduce Glare

These films reduce glare and avoid direct sunrays from entering the room.

designed glass frosted films for windows, doors and balcony glasses
Designed Frosted Glass Films

Commercial Glass Frosted Films

We provide services for commercial spaces like office, showrooms, schools, hospitals, restaurants etc.

office glass film commercial in chennai


Wallpapers are used to decorate interior walls with floral images or textures with different colors. Rather than plain painting, many prefer to apply wallpapers to give classy and rich looks to their interiors.

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We provide elegant decorative films, glass doors and partitions, Wallpapers for residential and commercial buildings all over Chennai. We do corporate branding in large formats such as printing and fixing on foam boards and wall mountings

To Other Cities

To other cities of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, we are providing the materials along with the application tools through couriers. We will also send the video tutorials for the decorative film fixing. We will also send people for fixing to those places for large orders based on requirement.

Commercial Interiors in Chennai- glass decorative films and wallpapers

Our Latest Residential Projects

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We have provided services near Tambaram, Velachery, OMR, ECR, Medavakkam and many apartments in Perumbakkam. Some of our residential projects in Chennai are

Some of our residential projects in Chennai are done in the following apartments and villas

1. Harmony Apartments
Helios City, OMR Road, Padur, Chennai – 603103

2. S and S Apartments
Thuraipakkam – Pallavaram Road, Pallikaranai, Chennai – 600100

3. RS Elegance Apartments
Vadakpattu Main Road, Medavakkam, Chennai – 601302

4. Roopam Apartments
Vadakpattu Main Road, Medavakkam, Chennai – 601302

5. Olymbia Grande
No. 328, GST Road, Pallavaram, Chennai – 600043

6. Ruby Grande Apartments
New Agaram Road, Tiruvanchery, Selaiyur, Chennai – 600126

7. Plaza Bounty Acres
200 feet Road, Kilkattalai, Chennai – 600091

8. Amarprakash Temple Waves
Kundrathur – Thirumudivakkam Main Road, Kundrathur, Chennai – 600069

9. Endee Villa
Nagalakshmi Nagar Extension, Sankarapuram, Chennai – 600126

10. Purva Winderemere
Thiruvalluvar 2nd Street, Pallikaranai – Chennai – 600100

11. Casa Grande Cherry Pick
Arasankazhani, Perumbakkam, Chennai – 600119

12. Jains Abhishek
Tambaram Velachery Main Road, Selaiyur, Chennai – 600073

13. Embassy Residency
Cheran Nagar, Perumbakkam, Chennai – 600100

14. Oxygen by Urban Tree
Nookampalayam Road, Perumbakkam, Chennai – 600100

15. Radiance Mercury
Radiance Mercury Road, Perumbakkam, Chennai – 600100

16. Shoba Meritta
Pudupakkam, Vandalur-Kelambakkam Road, OMR, Chennai – 603103

17. L & T Eden Park
M R Radha Main Road, Siruseri, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 603103

18. Adroit District S
Palandi Amman Street, Thalambur, Chennai – 600130

19. Platina Appaswamy Real Estates
107, Mount Poonamallee High Road, Porur, Chennai – 600116

20. Elegant Pinnacle
408, Nukkampalayam Link Road, Semmancheri, Chennai – 600119

21. Prestige Downtown
Vembuliamman Koil Street, KK Nagar West, Chennai – 600078

22. Jain Pebble Brook
Madha Koil Street, Vivekananda Nagar, Thoraipakkam, Chennai – 600097

23. Casa Grande Elan
Semmancheri, Thalambur, Chennai – 600130

24. Sinovia House of Hiranandani
5/63 Old Mahapalipuram Road, Egattur Village, Chennai – 600130

25. Casa Grande Pavillion
Palandi Amman St, Thalambur, Chennai – 603103

26. Plaza Verdant Acres
Gandhi Nagar Society, Perumbakkam, Chennai – 600119

27. Newry Celestial
Plot No 2, First Avenue, Avadi-Poonamallee Road, Paruthipet, Avadi – 600071

28. TVS Emerald Green Acres

Nedunkundram, Tamil Nadu – 600048

29. Isha Homes

VGP Prabhu Nagar, Perumbakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600100

30. Srimathi Sundaravalli Memorial Residency

Mappedu Rd, Puthur, New Perungalathur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600063

31. Provident Cosmo City

No. 41, Dr. Abdul Kalam Road, Near Siruseri IT Park, Pudupakkam Village, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 603103

32. Mantri Signature & Mantri Solitude

# 138, Kalaingar Karunanidhi Salai (ECR Link Road), Sholinganallur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600119

33. VGN Zodiac Ville Apartments

Devdoss Street, Mogappair Eri Scheme, Mogappair, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600037

34. Landmark Vertica

No 153-156, Thousand Lights, Peters Rd, Peters Colony, Gopalapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600086

35. Arun Excello Temple Green

No. 188/2, Mathur Village Post, Shree Parambathur Taluk, Near Jaya Hospital, Vallakkottai, Tamil Nadu 602105

36. VGN Krona Apartments

Sankaralinganar St, Bharathi Nagar, Gerugambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600116

37. Pooja Diamond Villas

Sankaralinganar St, Bharathi Nagar, Gerugambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600116

Visit our office at the below location to view the designs we have for our services.

38. Pbel City

Thaiyur B-village, Old Mahabalipuram Rd, Kelambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 603103

39. Casa Grand Elita

Injambakkam, SH 49, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600115

40. Casa Grande Versailles Amar

Nainarkuppam, Uthandi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600119


Sholinganallur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600119

42. Ramaniyam Pushkar Phase 2

Kalaignar Karunanidhi Salai, Sholinganallur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600097
43. Adroit Artistica
Old Mahabalipuram Road, Sholinganallur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600119

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Questions and Answers:

1 . What are the different types of sun control films for glass windows and doors ?

Ans: We are providing reflective and non reflective sun control films for residential and commercial spaces.

Reflective Sun Control Films

1. Silver

2. Gold

Non Reflective Sun Control Films

1. Blue

2. Green

3. Brown

4. Grey

2 . What are the properties of reflective and non reflective sun control films for homes ?

Ans: Reflective Sun Control Films are available in Silver and Gold and they have no variations in tint levels. Silver reflective sun control films are light blue (around 50% tint) when viewed from inside and silver on the outside. During night time, silver tint will be on the inside of your room and light blue color on the outside. Gold sun control films are light yellow color on the inside and golden on the outside during daytime and during night time, this will be opposite.

Non reflective sun control films are available in blue, green, brown colors. The tint levels are 50%, 70% and 90% and your can choose the right tint levels based on your visibility requirement and location of your windows and doors. For example, windows facing direct sunlight allows more heat inside the room, so you need to control the heat and light by high level of tint eg. 90% tint

You can check more detailed information by checking this page here. 

3 . What is the main difference between frosted film and sun control films ?

Ans: Frosted film provides privacy both in day time and night time. Sun control films provide privacy only during daytime. Frosted films are available in different colors and textures. Sun Control films are available only in plain colors. The sun control capacity of frosted film is slightly lesser than the sun films. Frosted films block 85% UV rays while sun control films block 99% UV.

4 . What are the types and brands of frosted film available for residences ?

Ans: We have brands such as Fplus, Qplus, Mckal and 3M. 3M frosted films are thicker than other frosted films and they have high durability. The types of frosted films are plain, misty white, shiny matte, designed and 3M.

The designed frosted films are of two types

1. Semi Frosted – You can see through transparent gaps in the frosted films. It provides you semi privacy. eg. Lines and square patterns. Mostly used in commercial stores and offices for partial privacy and manifestation. Commercial stores use semi frosted films to just avoid people from hitting the glass doors. So they use semi frosted films. They won’t normally use full frosted films as full frosted films would cover the glass portions completely.

2. Full Frosted – You cannot see through any part of the film, as the film fully covers the glass portions. It is best suited for privacy and have many colored designs for. eg. residential windows and doors in bedrooms and hallways mostly use full frosted films. Full frosted films are mostly colored design patterns.

5 . What type of frosted film is suggested for commercial indoor glasses ?

Ans: Commercial glasses mostly use frosted films for manifestation. Here you mostly don’t need frosting for full doors or glass partitions, either the glass frosting is done halfway or in the middle of the glasses, so that no one will accidentally hit the doors.

Commercial glasses can also be used as space for branding rather than left as plain glasses. You can use the glass portions effectively by printing the glass films or cutting with letters, logos and images. So when the clients enter your office or stores, then the printed or cut films act as branding media on your glasses. You can display your logo, tagline, products or services by printing or cutting on the glass films or frosted films

6. What are the types of commercial outdoor tinting ?

Ans: Commercial outdoor areas have large curtain walls made of toughened glasses arrayed together to give a nice glossy out look. Most of the outer area of commercial buildings with large glass partitions look blue due to blue tint and glass panels of some buildings have green color due to green tint. Some commercial glasses are tinted during the manufacturing process. So they give the sun protection without using sun film.

Some commercial glasses are plain and you need to apply sun control films in order to protect the interior of your buildings from extreme heat. Normally plain glasses have the capacity to pull the heat inside the buildings and so glass window tinting is best way to protect the interiors from extreme heat.

The types of window tinting include reflective window tinting and non reflective tinting. Reflective window tinting gives the windows or glass sections silver color or golden color. Non reflective tinting gives blue, green or grey color.

The levels of tinting are 50%, 70% and 90% tint and the sun protection depends on the levels of tinting. Normally 90% darker tinting gives more sun protection than the other levels of tinting.

7. What is the durability of frosted films and sun control films ?

Ans: Frosted films are heat proof, waterproof and dust proof. So they can withstand high amount of heat and water from rain. Frosted films can also be applied on bathroom doors where water contact is more. But still the film remains strong and the adhesive present in the frosted glass films are water resistant. And the frosted film also withstand high levels of heat and it prevent glare from the sun entering the home interiors. So you can watch televisions in the day time without the interruption of external glare. Also when you apply frosted glass films on bedroom or kitchen windows, it prevents the visibility of dust present on the other side of the glass. So the maintenance required is very less as you don’t have to manually clean the other side of the glass doors or windows at regular intervals.

Frosted films normally have minimum durability of 5 years.

Sun control films are waterproof and heat proof, but not dust proof. These glass films are very thinner compared to the frosted films but have similar durability as frosted films. They also provide glare reduction and reduce UV upto 99%. Commercial sun control films have very longer lifespan as they have very minimal manual contact with the film. Once applied, the sun control film can remain effective for more than 5 years.

8. What is the difference between 3M frosted film, 3M sun control films and other types of films ?

Ans: 3M sun control or frosted film is US make and costlier than the other brands. Frosted films available in 3M brand are thicker than the other brands and have high durability. 3M branded films normally have price range 3 times more than the Chinese, Taiwan and Indian make glass films. 3M also offers night vision sun control films that are not available in other brands.

Garware is Indian brand of sun control films and they have all types of colors and tints and they are manufacturing sun control films for more than 50 years. Garware sun control film is available in over 50 countries of the world, and have sales offices in India, UK, USA and China. Garware brand ensures very high quality and pass through various testing methods before product delivery. It is a trusted brand worldwide next to 3M.

9. Can we remove sun film or frosted film as our own ? 

Ans: Sun film can be removed by slowly peeling off the film and after peeling the excess adhesive should be wiped off by thinner or cleaning agent. The adhesive must be completely wiped off before applying the new film. The adhesives will not leave any rough impression on the glass. The glossiness of the glass remain as it is in the beginning.

10. Does frosted film reduce sun light ?

Ans: Frosted films won’t reduce the sun light passing through the glass. But it reduces the heat from the sun light to a great extent so that you can use the film just like sun protection film. If you need to reduce the sun light, you have to use curtains or blinders.

11. What are the tools required for applying frosted or sun control film ? Can anyone apply these films without the help of experts ?

Ans: You need a water sprayer, baby shampoo, tissue paper or cleaning cloth, squeegee, ruler and a stanley knife. Ruler is used for measuring the glass films to exact size of the film to be applied on the glass. After peeling the backing paper, you need to spray water mixed with baby shampoo for lubrication. You have to spray on the glass as well before placing the film. After placing the film you have to spray on the backside of the film to provide lubricancy while swiping out the water and air bubbles. You have to swipe in T shape first to avoid misalignment of the window glass film. You have to swipe without leaving any space on the surface of the film. If any space is left without swiping, it may cause air bubbles.

After swiping the whole surface area of the glass film, then you have to carefully cut the excess film on the sides of the glass window or doors. You may use the ruler while cutting for proper alignment. You can leave the film for around two hours for the film to properly adhere to the surface of the glass. After one day, the film becomes permanently attached to the surface of the glass.

12. What are blockout films or blockout glass films ? Where are they used and what are the applications ?

Ans: Blockout films are completely black, they may be glossy or matte black. They avoid the sunlight and heat completely and you cannot see through the glass. The glass becomes completely black. They provide 100% UV protection and heat protection.

13. What are SRC and Non SRC sun protection films ? 

Ans: SRC sun protection films are scratch resistant and non SRC sun control films are non scratch proof films. SRC films are costlier but more durable than the non SRC sun control films. The blockout films are also mostly SRC and are highly durable.

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