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We are providing plain, decorative glass films / glass sticker and 3M frosted films in Chennai and other cities. Most of the residential and commercial buildings use these types of window films  for sun protection, privacy, advertising and prevention from dust. You can use privacy window films as alternative to curtains to avoid interior area being occupied by curtains. We have all varieties of Heat Control films like Gareware, 3M Sun Control Film, etc..,

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For more details on the decorative or privacy glass films, check the FAQ section on our services page here

Glass Stickers Chennai

Residential and Commercial Glass Tinting

Residential Glass Films are mostly floral patterns and commercial films are geometrical patterns.

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Our Services

  1. Frosted glass films/privacy window films
  2. Sun Control Films
  3. One Way Vision Films
  4. Opaque Vinyl Films
  5. Opaque Vinyl Printed Films
  6. Transparent Vinyl Printed Films
  7. Printed Frosted Films
  8. Custom Frosted Film cutting
  9. Custom Vinyl Cutting

Frosted Glass Films/Decorative Glass Films

Frosted glass films, also called as privacy window films are used for privacy, decoration and sun protection. These decorative glass films are available in standard plain white as well as categories with different colors and textures. 3M frosted films are available as plain White or Golden color and you can customize it with your own designs. Normally commercial windows use white textured films and residential windows and doors use colored privacy window films.

Privacy/Frosted films for windows and doors in chennai
Frosted/Privacy Window Film

Read more about the effects of frosted film before and after applying the frosted films on plain glasses.


For more details and frequently asked questions, check our services page.

Frosted Film Designs

You can choose any available design from the following collections and we will do the film application for customers in Chennai. For other cities of Tamil Nadu and other states, you can order through amazon and we will send the materials in required quantity. For more details on the cost of the different types of films, check our pricing page.

Currently we have introduced Casa Brand Luxury premium designs in frosted films mostly preferred for Luxury villas and apartments.

Check out this link for more details on Casa Premium brand.

Sun Control Films

Commercial Buildings have large glass partitions exposed to bright and hot sunlight. These buildings need sun films to  reduce the heat and sun light to a great extent. Unlike frosted/privacy window films, they provide privacy only during daytime. During night time the interiors are visible because of lighting.

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The windows or doors or external glass sections exposed to direct sunlight can be tinted with these films in order to get good UV protection and glare reduction. The films vary from lighter colors to dark and they provide equal amount of UV reduction, but the light transmittance differs depending on whether the film is light or dark. Darker films have low light transmittance and lighter films have high light transmittance.

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Read more on different colors of sun control films and their effects on plain glasses

One Way Vision Films

One way vision films are used for commercial purposes for advertising and branding. They cannot provide sun protection as they are porous and allow partial light to fall in. They contain advertising graphics on one side of the film, so that you can have the exterior vision from the inside. Whereas when you view from outside, you can only see the printed graphics.

They are costlier than the frosted and sun films. You need to replace one way vision films at regular intervals as they are not much durable as frosted films. They are much suitable for commercial stores because the stores need different advertisements from time to time. They give good appearance to the store.

one way vision film in chennai
One Way Vision Film

Opaque Vinyl Films

The vinyl films are opaque and used for covering the glasses, aluminum or wooden doors. They are available in different plain colors and they can be glossy, matte finished or textured.

Opaque Vinyl Films
Opaque Vinyl Plain Films – Glossy

Opaque Vinyl Printed Films

These are available in white color and we can custom print the graphics based on our requirements.

Eco solvent printing on opaque vinyl
Opaque Vinyl Film Printing

Transparent Vinyl Printed Films

In some places in your office or stores, you need transparency as well as branding. In that case you can use these films. They can also be used as decorative glass films in offices and houses. They are transparent and you can see the printed graphics and at the same time you can see the other side of the glass portion.

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Transparent Vinyl Printed Film

Printed Frosted Films

If you have to reduce the visibility and you need to advertise on that area, you can use printed frosted films. They cover the glass at the same time give the vision of printed graphics on both sides of the glass.

Printed frosted film applied on house window glass chennai
Frosted Film Printing for Home Window

Custom Frosted Film Cutting

The graphics in vector form can be custom cut by cutting plotter, and they give premium look to your glass partitions. They are mostly done in office interiors. The cutting templates can be logos or texts. They appear in white etched patterns.

Custom frosted film cutting in chennai
Frosted Film Cutting on 3M Film

Custom Vinyl Cutting

In the same way as frosted film, we can also do plotter cutting on glossy or matte vinyl films. Frosted cutting letters appears white, whereas vinyl cutting can be done on different colored vinyl material.

printing and cutting vinyl in chennai
Print and Cut Vinyl

Glass Films Dealers in Chennai

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