Casa Premium Glass Films

The Casa premium frosted films are currently the top rated designed frosted films in Chennai. They are costlier than the regular design patterns and the look and feel of the films are much more superior to the regular designs. The Casa films offer many designs that give 3D embossed look to your windows.

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Many premium designs are full frosted and used for residential purposes for privacy, sun protection and reducing glare from extreme sunlight. Some of the designs are semi frosted, have transparent gaps in between and used for commercial as well as open halls of residences and villas.

We have many exclusive designs in Casa Premium brand that are not available anywhere else in Chennai. The 3D embossed patterns are now at affordable pricing with the Casa Premium designs. These films are now priced at Rs.125/sq.ft

The below images are taken from an installation site, where Casa Embossed Golden Leaf design is installed on the outer surface of windows.

These luxury designs provide privacy, glare reduction and at the same time allows natural light to pass through, thereby retain brightness inside your homes.


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