Frosted Films for Home

Privacy films for windows and doors

For new apartments and villas mostly fitted with plain glass fenesta and upvc windows and doors, we are offering wide range of designed frosted films that give privacy to your homes. It can be a good alternative to curtains and reduces glare and heat from outside passing in.


The designed frosted films are available in different colors and textures, add beauty to your windows and doors.

Some films are semi frosted and if you like to see through the films partially, then you can use them.

There are different colored and white textured films from which you can choose that best suite your home and the windows.


Good Alternative to Curtains

Curtains are traditional method of providing privacy and sun protection. Though we use them for sun protection, they do not control UV because they will not fully cover the doors and windows. Some other advantages of frosted films are

  1. Frosted films provide 85% UV protection as they completely cover the windows and doors
  2. They are waterproof, heat proof and dust proof
  3. They are maintenance free, unlike curtains which need to be washed frequently.
  4. They do not occupy space like curtains, so you can feel more interior space with full privacy.
  5. They allow natural light to pass in whereas curtains block the light and darken the bedrooms and halls.

High Durability

Once fixed, the films lasts more than 5 years because they are heat proof, waterproof and dustproof. But if you like to apply new designed films, they older films can be removed and replaced without any single trace of marks or roughness on the glass.

The side facing the glass is glossy finished to give excellent bonding to the glass. The other side is matte surface to avoid dust from sticking to the surface (non-stick)

Heat Protection

They give good heat protection and offer upto 85% of UV rejection, which is slightly lesser than sun control films.

Plain glass have the property to pull entire heat and light inside the homes.

So your AC consumption is much higher during summer times as the cooling effect will be frequently minimised by the incoming heat. Frosted films give good heat protection so that you can minimise the AC consumption costs.

Manifestation of Glass

If the plain glass is kept clean and free of dusts, there is usual tendency to hit the glass accidentally without knowing the presence of glass.

The frosted films provide visibility so that elders and children will not hit the glasses accidentally.

If you do not want to cover the sliding doors fully but still you want manifestation of the glass, then you can fix the films half way or you can also use semi frosted films.

How do I place an order ?

We undertake orders with a minimum of 100 sq.ft area (normally a double bedroom flat has approximately 100 sq.ft or more) of glass portions. You can call us directly or send message through whatsapp. You can also fill the contact form or send us email describing your requirements.

We will schedule appointment and visit your place for taking measurements with the design brochures.

You can choose from over 200 elegant design patterns of frosted films for your windows and doors.

On finalizing the design, an advance payment of 50% is required for processing the order.

We normally complete the installation of the glass films the next day after placing the order.


The different types of frosted glass films and their pricing

Frosted Film TypesPrice
Misty White Frosted FilmsRs. 80/sq.ft
Shiny Matte Frosted FilmsRs. 120/sq.ft
Premium White Frosted Film MatteRs. 120/sqft
Designed Frosted FilmsRs. 120/sq.ft
CASA Premium Designed Frosted FilmsRs. 145/sq.ft
High Class Premium Designed Frosted FilmsRs. 145/sq.ft
3M Branded Frosted FilmsRs. 190/sq.ft
Custom Printed Frosted FilmsRs. 250/sq.ft

Contact us

Call us on 9384624463  or 9047543404 or send whatsapp to get more details on installation of the films and design ideas.


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