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Sun Control Film in Chennai

We are offering wide range of sun control film in chennai for residential and commercial doors, windows and glass partitions. There are different types and colors of sun control films that give 99% UV protection and heat protection even during hot summer. Temperature drops instantly when you apply these films and therefore saves the AC consumption cost for your home or office. These films provide sun protection at the same time provide crystal clear view through the glasses unlike other type of films which lowers visibilty.

So for apartments at larger heights they had to be protected from the sun and harmful uv rays entering the home through the glass windows. We have provided services for sun control glass films/stickers for most apartments and commercial spaces in Chennai, Mostly in OMR and ECR.

The below rendered images show the typical opacity levels of different range of sun control films fixed on glasses during a standard day time. The visibility levels are also subjected to change during different levels of environment. Eg. On summer you can get more visibility through these films than a rainy day.

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Different Colours of Sun Control Films


Available Brands – Garware, AI and 3M


Available Brands – Garware and AI


Available Brands – Garware, AI and 3M

Reflective Sun Control Films:

Reflective Sun Control Films have mirror finish and they reflect majority of heat at the same time retaining light inside the rooms or offices. They are usually double times thicker than the non reflective colored sun control films. Commercial spaces or residential apartments where sun protection and daytime privacy is required, then we can choose and apply reflective sun control films.

Reflective sun control films have high heat rejection and provide immediate cooling than the non reflective sun control films of same tint levels.

Uses of Sun Control Films:

  1. UV protection upto 99% and heat protection from 80 – 90 %.
  2. Reduces the AC power consumption during summer by avoiding excess heat entering into the room and maintaining chillness within the room.
  3. Scratch resistant and high durable.
  4. Different transparency levels 50%, 70% and 90% and different available colours green, blue, black, brown and grey.

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Sun Control film Fixing – Pictures


High Heat Rejection Sun Control Films

If you are in high rise buildings the top floors have very high heat in summer. We recommend using high heat rejection and uv rejection sun control films from brands like 3M and Madico, which offers more than 10 years durability. We have done such branded sun control films for many villas and apartments in OMR and ECR areas.

Sun Control Films – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can sun control films provide privacy to the rooms where they are applied ?

Sun control films also called heat blocking films or UV resistant films are mainly used for heat protection. Dark tinted sun films and reflective (mirror type) sun control films can provide daytime privacy. During night time when light is on, the films alone cant give privacy and so curtains need to be used.

2. Which type of glasses the sun control films can be applied ?

We can apply sun control films to all plain glasses, whether it is ordinary plain glass or high tensile toughened glass without frames. Sun control films cannot be applied on etched or perforated glasses.

3. My residence is a 14th floor apartment and lot of heat is coming inside, and the AC consumption is much higher in summer. By applying sun control films can I get the desired cooling in my home ?

Definitely yes. Apartments that use more plain glasses are susceptible to more heat and light from the scorching sun. The glass windows and doors account for 80 – 90 % of the total heat and UV transmitted inside your home.

Plain glasses are highly heat transmissive and allows entire heat and light inside the house. That is why apartments with more glass portions have very heat retention than the houses with low number of glass portions.

Using AC in a home with number of plain glasses is almost like using AC in open air, so the AC effect leaves through the windows continously and AC consumption is more in summer.

When you apply the sun control films, you can get 99% UV protection and 90% heat protection. So you will feel immediate cooling after application of the sun films. They are made of special type of PET material which filters the UV and light and you get instant cooling and more comfortability even during hot summer.

4. What is the durability of sun control films ? Are they waterproof ?

Sun control films have durability of more than 7 years. They are waterproof and can be used even on roof tops and skylights, where it is subjected to regular rainfalls. They have good mechanical and tensile strength and so they will not peel off once applied.

5. Is there warranty for the sun control films that you provide ?

Yes all premium grade sun control films have 1 year warranty.

6. What is the difference in quality between Indian brand, imported brand and 3M sun control films ?

The films are imported from Taiwan, Korea, Germany and United States. Normal imported sun control films have durability around 4 years. Garware is Indian make and it comes with 1 year warranty and has 7 year durability. 3M sun control film is a premium grade US branded cooling film. Wurth sun control films are also available and they are imported from Germany.

7. What type of sun control film is suggested for store or show room where visibilty should not be reduced ?

For showrooms, stores and malls, we suggest light tint (low darkness levels) sun control films to avoid visibilty from being cut off by the darkness of the tint levels. If you choose premium grade sun films, even lighter tint sun control films give good visibilty and greater sun protection. We also suggest premium grade sun control films for Residential Villas where the glass portions provide good aesthetics to the exterior view. If you use dark coolling films, the glass portions will be covered off.

8. If we want to cutt off the light completely, which type of films can we use ?

Blockout films are 100% dark tint, and you cannot see outside and outsiders cannot see inside. It blocks view completely and blocks full light and heat from entering inside the room. You can use this types of films for home theatres, beauty parlors, operation theatres etc.

9. What are the differences between frosted glass films and sun control films ?

Frosted glass films are mainly used for privacy and decoration. They do not provide much sun protection. They are thicker than sun control films. They do not reduce the sunlight and hence the rooms will be brighter after applying frosted films. They are available in different colors, designs and textures. They can be customized and printed as per customer requirements

Sun control films are used for cooling purposes. They do not provide full privacy. They are thinner than frosted films. They reduce the sunlight inside the rooms where they are applied. They are available in different colors, but they are plain without designs. They cannot be customized or printed.

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Sun Control Film Specifications

We currently deal with three main grades of sun control films. Below is the specification table for each grade

Imported Grade

NR 5 SRC5.5%55%99%1 MIL
NR 20 SRC20%51%99%1 MIL
NR 35 SRC36.6%44%99%1 MIL
NR 50 SRC51%38%99%1 MIL
R SILVER30%60%99%2 MIL


Garware NR 5 SRC6%64%99%1 MIL
Garware NR 20 SRC20%56%99%1 MIL
Garware NR 35 SRC36.6%51%99%1 MIL
Garware NR 50 SRC51%42%99%1 MIL
Garware R SILVER35%75%99%2 MIL


3M 5 SRC5.1%72%99%1 MIL
3M 20 SRC20%60%99%1 MIL
3M 35 SRC36%55%99%1 MIL
3M 50 SRC51%49%99%1 MIL
3M R SILVER35%82%99%2 MIL
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