Sun Control Film Effects

Sun Control Film Effects

The below rendered images show the typical opacity levels of different range of sun control films fixed on glasses during a standard day time. The visibility levels are also subjected to change during different levels of environment. Eg. On summer you can get more visibility through these films than a rainy day.

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Different Colours of Sun Control Films


Available Brands – Garware, AI and 3M


Available Brands – Garware and AI


Available Brands – Garware, AI and 3M

Uses of Sun Control Films:

  1. UV protection upto 99% and heat protection from 80 – 90 %.
  2. Reduces the AC power consumption during summer by avoiding excess heat entering into the room and maintaining chillness within the room.
  3. Scratch resistant and high durable.
  4. Different transparency levels 50%, 70% and 90% and different available colours green, blue, black, brown and grey.

Different Colours of Sun Control Films and their Transparency levels

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