Frosted Films Price:

We have given the general Frosted Film price for residential and commercial buildings. We provide good discounts on high volumes of glass films.

Frosted Film:-

a) Basic Plain Frosted Film – Rs. 60/sq.ft

 It is cheaper and best budget window covering film. It is thinner than other films.

b) Misty White Frosted Film – Rs.75/sq.ft

 It is thicker and requires low maintenance. It gives good sun protection than plain frosted film.

c) Shiny Matte Frosted Film – Rs.90/sq.ft

 This film gives nice glossy look to the glass as it has shiny glittering crystals within the film.

d) Designed Frosted Film – Rs.93/sq.ft

 The designed film arrives in different colored or white patterns ( geometric and floral). This is used as decorative window film as well as privacy film. Check the Glass Films page for more design patterns

e) Casa Premium Designed Frosted Films – Rs.125/sq.ft

 These are premium films containing many gold and silver 3d embossed design patterns. They have high rich look than the ordinary designed films.  These films have also semi transparent designs suitable for commercial spaces and sliding doors for apartments. They are imported from Taiwan.

f) 3M Premium Frosted Film – Rs.133/sq.ft

 This film is US branded. It is golden, thicker with shiny crystals. This film is highly durable and gives good sun protection.

Customized Frosted Films:-

a) Custom cutting frosted with Shiny matte films  – Rs.140/sq.ft

 Custom cutting refers to machine cutting of frosted films into letters, logos or design patterns like lines, squares or circles on plain glasses. This is used mostly in commercial offices for manifestation and branding.

b) Custom cutting frosted with 3M Premium Films  – Rs.180/sq.ft

 Custom cutting done on 3M Premium Films cost price of 3M film + cutting charges.

c) Custom printed frosted  with Shiny Matte Films  – Rs.200/sq.ft

 Custom printing is done by thermal printing on frosted films. Printing gives different colors to the films whereas cutting gives only one color.

d) Custom printed frosted  with 3M Premium Films  – Rs.240/sq.ft

 Custom printing on 3M films is single sided and printing on shiny matte film is double sided i.e. you can view the printed picture on both sides of the glasses.

Price for Sun Control Films:-

a) Premium Sun Control Films SRC (scratch resistant) – Rs.75/sq.ft

b) Reflective Sun Control Films SRC (scratch resistant) – Rs.85/sq.ft

 ( Minimum Order Qty = 100 Sqft )



Indian wallpapers – Rs. 50 onwards per sq.ft

Imported wallpapers (waterproof) – Rs. 100 onwards per sq.ft

Custom Printed Wallpaper (waterproof) – Rs. 200 per sq. ft


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