Rough Stone Works

Rough Stone Works in Chennai

Rough stone cladding and stone floorings add new type of luxury and prominance to your Villas. It can also be used for commercials such as hotels and resorts to give more natural and classic looks which stand out from other buildings.

We have completed the stone claddings and floorings in various sites in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu.

We import many different types of stones mostly from Italy

Stone Cladding

Stone Cladding is thin layer of stones applied on the wall to give stone texture on the concrete wall. It acts only as facing material, and not to be used for load bearing. It is applied to the walls using cement and mortar.

Rough stones are normally natural stones cut to different rigid shapes to be used for final application.

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FAQWhat are Rough Stones in architecture ?

1. What are Rough Stones in Architecture ?

Ans: Rough Stones are natural stones unpolished natural stones to be applied on actual building materials like concrete walls.

2. What is stone cladding and where it is used ?

Ans: Stone cladding is thin layer of rough stone applied on the walls, and it is used as a facing material. Mostly used in indoors like indoor tv units , fountains and staircases

3. What are Floor Stones and where it is used ?

Ans: Floor stones are used mostly outdoors, i.e. outside of villas and restaurants. They are used as pathways in landscaping, stone fountains and stone sit-outs.

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