Sun Control Films for Office and Residences – Merits and Demerits

Sun control films for office space
Glass Sections showing Sun Control Film fixed and Plain Glass

Sun Control Films are used for reducing excess heat and light from the sunlight. The buildings which are exposed to direct sunlight are prone to heat very quick in daytime. Sun control films have UV protection of about 99% and have light transmittance of about 50%, 60%, 70% and 90% which you can select based on your needs. The films are also available in different colors – dark blue, green, grey and black. The light transmittance of 50% means lighter film and 90% means it is darker film. Most commercial buildings use sun films for sun control and for anti glare.

Frosted Films arrive in different designs and patterns but sun films are available only in plain translucent colors. They are also see through in one side of the film.

The use of sun films vary with reference to commercial or residential windows. For example, sun films can’t give privacy during night time and so residential apartments cannot use sun film if they are looking for privacy. Few notable merits and demerits of sun control films are

Merits of sun control films

  1. The sun films remove most of the heat from the sun light
  2. They reduce excess sunlight falling on the floor and walls.
  3. The films are anti glare and provide around 35% of glare reduction
  4. They provide privacy during daytime, so they are best for commercial buildings as they are mostly off during night time.

Demerits of sun control films

  1. Sun films are much thinner and glossy and it shows impressions of thumb or scratches when touched.
  2. These films are prone to dust very easily
  3. They can provide privacy only during daytime. During night time, the inner side of the buildings would be visible
  4. They make the inner space more darker and so it is not suitable for most residences
  5. Unlike frosted films, these arrive in only plain colors and you cannot make any custom decorations

Mostly we suggest frosted films for residences and sun films for commercial spaces.