Frosted Glass Films in Chennai

Frosted glass films are used for privacy and decorative purposes in Residential spaces. Commercial offices or stores use frosted films for manifestation, advertising and branding.

Frosted Glass Films – Categories

There are different types of frosted films based on their nature and patterns. The price range starts from Rs.40/sq.ft to Rs. 130/sq.ft

Plain Frosted Film

These are the basic frosted films and they are thinner. They are cheapest of all and the only disadvantage is it is vulnerable to dust. The objects which are much nearer to plain frosted films are visible when compared to the other films.

Misty White Frosted Film

The misty white films arrive in a whitish texture, looks like more etched than the plain frosted film. They are thicker than the plain frosted film.

Shiny Matte Frosted Film

The shiny matte film contains shiny crystals and when light falls on the films it glitters. These films give a richer look than the plain frosted films. Mostly commercial buildings use shiny matte frosted film. These films can be used for custom cutting and printing logos or pictures, texts

3M Frosted Film

These are premium films which are imported from USA. These are high grade films which can be used for custom cutting and printing. They also have shiny crystals but they appear in golden color.