Semi Frosted or Full Frosted Films for your Balcony Doors ?

It all depends on your application and place of installation of the balcony doors, whether it is exposed to sunlight or nearer to adjacent apartments. Semi frosted films are available in plain white color with transparent gaps forming specific patterns on the windows. Full frosted films arrive in either white or color printed.

Semi Frosted Films

Semi Frosted Films Balcony Doors - RS Elegance Apartments
Semi Frosted Designed Film in RS Elegance Apartments-Medavakkam

Characteristics of Semi Frosted Films

  1. The transparent patterns or gaps on these films allow sunlight to enter inside the room through the gaps
  2. They will not provide UV protection
  3. When viewed from inside, the exterior view is visible through the gaps
  4. When viewed from outside at a distance, the designed patterns will not be visible to the viewer (as it is white or transparent color). Only if he/she comes near to the glass, the patterns are visible
  5. These cannot be used as privacy films as full privacy is not guaranteed because of the transparent gaps, and so these cannot be used in bedroom or bathroom windows

Where to apply Semi Frosted films ?

  1. They can be applied on the glass balcony doors or partitions where not much sunlight falls into the rooms
  2. The areas like hallways where not much privacy is required
  3. Commercial or office spaces just in need of manifestation and not full privacy or UV protection in the interior. So here a semi frosted film can be used.

Full Frosted Films

Full privacy frosted films Balcony doors in madipakkam
Full Frosted Designed Film (On Tinted Glass) in Private Villa – Madipakkam

Characteristics of Full frosted films

  1. They are available in white or multiple colors printed on them.
  2. They provide UV protection
  3. The do not have transparent gaps and it provide two way privacy and neither you or the outside people cannot see through these films
  4. Even when viewed from a distance, the designs are clearly visible on a full frosted film as they are mostly colored

Where to apply Full Frosted Films ?

  1. They can be applied on windows, balcony doors or glass partitions exposed to direct sunlight and heat
  2. In areas like bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms where full privacy is needed
  3. In the glass sections which is already tinted with UV protection. Because tinted glasses are darker and only the designs of a printed full frosted film will be clearly visible