Price for frosted films and sun control films.

Frosted Films

Basic Plain Frosted Film – Rs.40/sq.ft

These films are thin and looks like transparent films when viewed very near still it gives full privacy at distance more than 1 feet.

Misty White Frosted Film – Rs.60/sq.ft

They appear as etched misty film covering the glass and they are thicker than basic frosted film. They also provide good sun protection.

Shiny Matte Frosted Film – Rs.90/sq.ft

They contain shiny crystals inside the films and it provide glittered look when you have good interior lighting.

Designed Frosted Film – Rs.90/sq.ft

All designed and colored frosted films come under this category. They also include semi frosted patterned films.

3M Branded Frosted Film – Rs.130/sq.ft

3M is a well known brand imported from USA. These films also contain glittering crystals like the shiny matte, but it appears in golden color instead of white. It gives rich and elegant look in good interior lighting.

Sun Control Films

Normal Sun Control Films SRC – Rs. 65/sq.ft

They arrive in dark blue, black or grey colored, scratch resistant. They are translucent and avoid most of the excess sunlight and heat.

Reflective Sun Control Films SRC – Rs.85/sq.ft

These films are available in silver or golden color and they are scratch resistant. They reflect most heat and sunlight and their efficiency is greater than the normal sun film. They provide one way privacy i.e. they look like mirror and provide privacy during the daytime.