How to select perfect frosted film for your sliding doors or glass partitions

Selection of perfect frosted film for your homes is very important because if the films doesn’t match your desire and the surroundings, then it would not look appealing. Anyways the durability of any designed or plain frosted film is same but if a film is selected in a color or texture not matching the surrounding, then the elegancy of the glass reduces.

Lite Frost Designed Frosted Film
Interior Designed Frosted Films

Here are few tips and examples on how to select the right frosted films for your residences.

Tips on selecting perfect frosted film for home glasses

When selecting a frosted film for decorative purpose rather than privacy, the following things are need to be considered to get more stylish look. They are

Surrounding color

Most often we make mistake when choosing the matching colors of the frosted film. We just pick the color of the walls but sometimes due to unavailability of those color we pick a color almost matching the selected color. The surrounding colors may be from things such as

  1. Wall Paintings
  2. Wallpapers
  3. Curtains
  4. Wooden furnitures
  5. False Ceilings
  6. Interior Lighting

When selecting the colors you need to select a color that is present on at least one of the surrounding objects. For example, a curtain can have different colors and if a frosted film is fixed it should contain at least one color from the curtain.

Some time you have pale green color on the wall and if you do not have the pale green frosted film availability, then don’t select dark green or turquoise color only because they are related colors. Some times they don’t match, and in these cases you can always choose white decorative frosted films. White color always matches any other colors.

Eg. Purple Beauty Parlor in Madippakkam, Chennai

Purple Beauty Parlor - white designed flowers
Purple Beauty Parlor – Alternate view

The above image shows the white designed frosted film with purple surroundings and it matches well.

Indoor glass doors:

The glass may be fixed as sliding doors or windows, or glass partitions. Mostly in indoor applications semi frosted materials is be selected because they don’t need sun protection. Also privacy is not a big concern, and the only reason for frosted film fixing is manifestation and to avoid accidentally hitting on the sliding doors. The full area of the glass is not covered mostly in indoor glasses. They may be fixed in center half or bottom half.

Frosted film designed center fixing
Frosted Film Fixing – center – Casa Grande Cherrypick

Outdoor glass doors:

The doors that are exposed completely outside need full privacy and protection from sun. So full area can be covered with frosted film. The frosted film can be misty white or designed, both have the same effect on providing privacy and reducing sunlight.

Full door frosted film fixing
Frosted Film fixing – Full area covered – Casa Grande Cherrypick

Outdoor Glass Sections:

Normally dark colored frosted films are not selected for indoor applications. But when the glass is completely facing outside and there is a lot of sunlight, then dark colored frosted films can be chosen. The high level of sunlight balances the darkness of the films.

Outdoor frosted film - dark orange leaves
Outdoor frosted film – dark orange leaves – S.Kolathur


However your discretion is important and the designs should finally be chosen according to your desires but these are some good considerations to be noted before selecting the frosted film, to give better privacy, sun protection and attractive look in long term.