Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have presented the common questions prospective customers might have in Chennai. To get better understanding, we have given all the answers in a simple way and we are happy to hear any new questions related to our products and services.

1. What is the durability of frosted films ?

Frosted Films last longer than other decorative wallpapers, they lasts for even 5 years or more. They are resistant to water and heat.

2. Does frosted films provide sun protection ?

Yes, full privacy frosted films have 85 % of UV protection. Semi privacy frosted films (designed frosted films which have gaps in between) does not provide sun control.

3. Can frosted film be applied to etched glasses ?

No. Frosted Film cannot adhere to etched/sandblasted glasses. It can be fixed only on plain glasses.

 4. What kind of maintenance is required for the frosted films ?

Frequent cleaning is necessary for these films. The exposed side of the frosted film is a matte surface and non stick, and so dust will not adhere easily to these films. If you want to clean it then a little amount of baby shampoo mixed with water is to be sprayed on the film.

5. Will these films reduce the brightness of the inside portion of houses ?

No. Frosted Films allow the sunlight through it, and so you will get the light inside. Only the heat from the sunlight is reduced.

6. I have 3 segmented plain glass sliding doors in my flat. I don’t want to hide the entire glass with frosted, but I need to avoid children and elders accidentally hitting the doors. So what is my option ?

You can fix frosted film in bottom half or center half of the door, so that the remaining portion of the sliding doors will be plain glass. You can also apply semi frosted film, which has transparent gaps in between, so the entire glass will not look covered by the film.